What is Negative Thinking Really Costing You?

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It is easy to think in pessimistic ways, to always see life as impossible and defeating. There is no shortage of media, personal beliefs, music, written material, and of course actual people to remind us how tough life really is. Fact is, the main purpose for creating this site and writing these articles is to help break the negative thinking pattern that so many of us have developed over time, a pattern that is robbing us of our joy, peace, happiness, and ultimately our LIFE!

Consider the life experiences that you have missed or couldn’t enjoy because your thoughts weren’t aligned with the present moment, and positive thinking. How many of the people around you were negatively impacted because of your poor attitude or disposition? How many days have you isolated yourself from everyone and everything so that you and your negative thinking could be alone together? How are you really feeling emotionally, physically, and mentally? Likely, not very good, if your thoughts are often negative.

Can you see your negative thinking trickling over into your physical health? Are headaches, lack of sleep, loss or gain of appetite, irritability with loved ones, and constant fatigue daily occurrences? If you need to seek medical advice, please do so, but while you make that doctor’s appointment take a quick mental inventory of your current thinking pattern. What have you been thinking about lately, and how have you been experiencing your life? Do you find yourself in a downward spiral when the non-ideal situations come up, and you can’t break the nagging, defeating thoughts? Do you feel powerless to stop those relentless thoughts from consuming your mind?


Negative thinking has become all too common. The consistently upbeat, optimistic person is often hard to find these days. Life has taken its toll on all of us. We see the wars and devastation on tv, read of political battles and world poverty on social media, natural disasters have impacted many areas of our world, violence is prevalent, and our families are being torn apart by money, greed, and sexual temptations. These are just some examples of the bigger picture items that weigh us down as we live out our daily lives. This does not include our personal challenges and trauma: bills we are struggling to pay, children straying from our hands, health issues, financial pitfalls, loss of jobs, chronic physical pains, broken families, grief and mourning over loved ones, etc. We really have every reason to entertain some negative thinking, to feel somewhat hopeless as life presents us with these issues.

Positive thinking can become the norm. Despite all (and more) of the list of life challenges I just presented, you can still choose to only entertain positive thinking and feelings. No, I do not know what you are going through, and you also do not know things I am currently facing either, but we can be assured of this: we are all going to have trials and tribulations in this lifetime. No matter who you are, where you are from, your ethnicity, religious background, or social status, you will face problems in your life that seem impossible to overcomeThis is one thing that we can embrace together: the struggle of life. But the struggle of life is hard enough to face throughout our days, right? Do we really want to face the struggle within our minds too? Do we have to hold onto every negative thought and experience, and over think it until we lose our hope?

No! No! No! And I would be happy to talk up this point with anyone. I may not have all the answers, or a magic wand to wave away all the pain and trials for everyone in the world, but I am confident that we have to adjust our perspectives in order to live the life we want. Since we do not always have control over our life circumstances, why not activate the control we do have over our minds? This just makes sense.

“Hope deferred makes the heart-sick.” These are words that were shared with me many years ago. When we lose hope, we lose everything. The price of negative thinking is just too high, and once this price is accrued, none of us are able to pay down this debt. Time is going by too fast, and considering that our lives are flying by the minute, we must grab hold of this gift right now: positive thinking and experiences. Before we know it, we will be telling stories about our lives, attitudes, and perceptions to the next generation, and wishing that we would have focused more on the positive aspects of our life. And there are so many of them! Start right here: when you sense a negative thinking spiral coming on, start listing your blessings and the things (and people) in your life that you are grateful for. Smile while you verbally say this list. Talking out loud helps to shift our thoughts.

What is negative thinking really costing us? HOPE. Negative thinking is ruining our ability to enjoy this life. It is ruining our faith and relationships with others. It is attacking all aspects of our human wellness. It is producing fear. This is not a price that any of us should pay. There are no re-runs and take-backs in this life. We all get one lifetime to live, the best we can. The bonus here is that we can make adjustments. We can improve our thinking, which will increase our peace, positively impact our emotions, provide creative solutions to our challenges, and provide us the opportunity to really enjoy our lives!


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