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thoughtsrealigned was created to help instill positive thoughts into our minds and hearts through words. Our thoughts are directly connected to our emotions, health, and well-being, so taking the negativity in our minds and realigning this into positive thoughts and beliefs is essential to living a wonderful life! This is not always easy, but if we choose to seek positivity daily, we can overcome the nagging, bitter, and defeating thoughts that attempt to occupy our minds.

There are several different topics within this blog, intentionally designed to provide some quick tools and encouragement for whatever you may be experiencing or if you are seeking some guidance. I certainly do not have all the answers, but like you, I have experienced enough negative and defeated thinking in my life. Our thoughts have power and misaligned thoughts can be devastating to maintaining our hope. Life is hard, but the way we perceive our experiences can make it even more difficult, so let’s improve our thinking and perspectives and live the best lives we can!

Thank you for visiting, and please contact me with any comments!

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Bayza Weeks

Creator & Writer for thoughtsrealigned