Positive Thinking is Not a Guarantee for a Great Life

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How many times have we read or been told that if we just think positive, everything will be fine?

How many times have we actually accepted this advice, and things still didn’t work out the way we desired?

Even though thoughtsrealigned is all about improving the way we think about our experiences, positive thinking isn’t a magic wand that waves away all of life’s challenges, or makes all of our dreams come true.

There will be many times where our best efforts to act and think positively just don’t cut it.

Positive thinking is just a tool available in our life to help us perceive our life experiences in positive ways, but it does not mean that we will always have or feel a positive outcome. 

I know this sounds contradictory to many of my articles and affirmations, but let me explain my logic on this topic. 

When you need to fix something, there are tools to help you accomplish the goal, such as nails, a hammer, a screwdriver, etc. However, when you get started on the project and use those tools, there is still no guarantee that your repair will resolve the issue, correct? Sometimes you find that you had the incorrect tools the entire time, or that you were wrong about what actually needed to be repaired.

Put another way, tools are available to assist us with something. Having tools does not always equal a repair or resolution to the issue. Think of how many times you have taken your vehicle to be serviced and the mechanic either couldn’t pinpoint the source of your vehicle’s issue, or they tried to fix something that still didn’t resolve the problem you reported.

Positive thinking is similar to these tools surrounding the many things we may need fixed or repaired in our lives. But there will be times when positive thinking does help us to meet our goals and improve our pessimistic outlook. Yet, there will be other times when positive thinking doesn’t really get us where we want to be, and we are still facing the same (or possibly worse) circumstances regardless of thinking positively.

But do we ignore our vehicle when it needs servicing? Do we ignore a water leak in our kitchen? Would we ignore broken glass on the floor and just walk over it with bare feet? No! When we know something needs to be repaired, we seek out a method to repair it, and often quickly.

Positive thinking is a tool, that when applied gives us a higher chance of experiencing life the way we want to positively, versus negative thinking that asks us to think of our experiences the way the world tells us to. 

While there is no guarantee that positive thinking will resolve anything challenging in our lives, there is also no guarantee that your vehicle repair will actually resolve the mechanical issue or that you will not need to return your vehicle for another repair in the near future. None of this means that positive thinking or an auto mechanic are useless, right? 

We are talking tool here….tools, not guarantees. Assistance, not guarantees. 

We can only be disappointed by our expectations. If you mistakenly believe that thinking positively will remove all challenges or magically resolve all burdens in your life, I guarantee that you will be disappointed. 

However, I also guarantee that if you choose to ignore positivity, and practice negative thinking in all of your experiences, that you will also be disappointed. You will be disappointed your entire life, literally. 

You see, when you think positively, you give yourself a fighting chance to think and feel optimistic even when the world tells you that you should be stressed out. If you choose negative thinking, you already submit to defeat, and live a miserable life while doing it. 

Many positive thinking books, authors/speakers, and websites similar to thoughtsrealigned may be selling you a false dream. They say that, “all you need to do is think positive.” Or, “just be positive and everything will work itself out.” This is great advice, but not always realistic.

When we have lost a loved one, are physically or mentally suffering, have experienced a total loss or devastation of our homes and lives, or may just be in a dark life season experiencing several different life challenges at once, we do not want to hear “just think positive”.  

What we need to hear and receive are tools to help us get through our life challenges, not quick-fix remedies that are meant to pacify us when we’re already down. We have to accept that positive thinking is a tool, not a guarantee.

So, I am here to say, positive thinking is only a tool. It can be a powerful tool, but it does not come with any guarantees. Actually one of the only guarantees we have in this life is that we will face trials and tribulations. 

And when we do, we can use the tools around us to help us.

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