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There are patterns of thinking and living that we all become accustomed to experiencing. Routines, schedules, calendars, alerts/notifications, and email/text reminders are all part of our daily pattern. The patterns we accept and commit to indicate the type of people we are and the nature of our priorities. In order to be sure that our patterns are connected to who we really are, and not some false interpretation of who we might be or should be, we need to be sure that our selected patterns meet our needs.

Our thoughts and routine ways of thinking are also patterns that develop and stick with us over time. The ways that we approach and respond to conflict, how we hear what people are saying, our self-esteem, the emotional stability or instability we maintain, and our ability to perceive life in a positive way, are examples of our pattern of thinking. Most of the time, if we are interpreting these experiences in a negative way, through a dismal pattern of thinking, then we will lead an unproductive and unfulfilled life. We end up chasing some fantasy of happiness, when it is within us the entire time.

closed-door-791954_1920It is time to unlock these types of patterns and create a shift in the ways that we perceive our life experiences. Yes, it is all about perception. Picture several locked doors. This image is similar to the thought opportunities we all have, but often ignore. There are many different thoughts and perspectives we can take on for any given situation or circumstance, and we choose which door we unlock and enter every time we entertain a thought. Then this selection directly affects the quality of life we have, because we have ignored the other doors, which may hold opportunities for our change and growth. We might see the doors of opportunity for positive change, often look right at them, but we dismiss it, only to walk right past doors that need to be unlocked and opened. Everything around us and within us is screaming, CHANGE, IMPROVE, REDEFINE,  but we remain where we are most familiar, in our current patterns of thinking and living, even if they do not serve us well.

Your thoughts are the actual key to changing the patterns surrounding your life. The key is right there in front of you, if you choose to use it. You have the power to see life in a healthy and positive way, with immense opportunities and room for personal growth. Or you have the power to see life in a defeating way, filled with disappointment, with no viable opportunities or room for personal improvement. It all depends upon the choice you make regarding either staying or changing the current thoughts patterns you entertain. What will you decide? Can you see the key? Can you make necessary changes? 

arrow-945272_1920You may have heard the popular saying: “unlock your potential”. Well, this is exactly what I am getting at, although I hope to give you a little bit of foundation to build upon. In order to unlock our potential, and determine the gifts and strengths inside us, we first have to think that this is a possibility. Then after we think about reaching our potential as a real possibility, then we have to believe and act upon it. You cannot simply unlock potential, there is a process that includes lining up your thoughts, emotions, and actions with achieving your potential.

Be intentional about your thought patterns. Identify ways that you could improve your perceptions and awareness of your life experiences. It is easy to think about life in a pessimistic way, and takes more effort to think in optimistic ways. Why? We are taught to stress, worry, and think of all the negative aspects of our lives. We can thank our daily influences for this. However, just because we have learned a particular behavior, does not mean that it is impossible to change the impact it has on our life. We cannot necessarily unlearn something, but we can modify and change it so that it doesn’t dominate our lives anymore. Our mind is similar to a secured lock, and the key is our thoughts that allow us to unlock the lock and then gain full access to the contents: our life. Our goal should be to have full access and ability to change the content inside our minds, ultimately to improve our thinking and lifestyle in major ways.

Negative thinking will never get you there, and neither will locked doors. Unlock your mind and release the negativity. Then open the door to optimism and hope. 


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