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You know those days where everything seems to go wrong, and everyone seems to be against you? Those days when all of your efforts seem meaningless and you cannot see success in anything you are working toward? Those days when feelings of defeat, discouragement, frustration, and even anger seem dominant….yes, THOSE days!

No matter who you are or what you do, you will face THOSE days. The ironic thing about life is that we are all on an equal playing field in this regard. Nobody is immune or exempt from these unexplainable days or emotional rollercoasters. The key is how we handle these moments, days, or seasons. You see, THOSE days are not just limited to one day. They can sometimes be days, weeks, months, or years. They can feel like eternity on earth.

Medical test results aren’t favorable; job responsibilities do not match our expectations or income; family disputes or challenges; the loss of life of those we know and love; loss of material items; failed relationships; misbehaving or misunderstood children; financial challenges; spiritual doubt; and just having an overall bad day are just some of the examples of ways that THOSE days suddenly appear in our lives. We are often blindsided and confused. Then we become angry and resentful of those around us who “appear” to have no problems. So we retreat into our secluded minds and worlds, forgetting that we are experiencing one of THOSE days, and that this too shall pass.

So what do you do when you are facing one of THOSE days or seasons of your life? How can you possibly cope and regain your composure? How do you locate your hope to continue on overcoming your challenges and believing in better days to come?

First, remember that this is just one of THOSE days. Regardless of how bad the day may be or what circumstances make it so difficult, it will pass & another day will quickly approach. Second, be kind to yourself during these tough days. It’s ok to step back a little & practice some self-care. Say NO to some obligations if you can, take a long bath, if possible take a walk outside, go to sleep early, and/or confide in a trusted friend or mentor. Do what works for you –within reasonable means, not self harm or substance abuse–to get through one of THOSE days. And always, seek professional medical care if and when necessary.

Ultimately, we all face life’s challenges, whether it’s a tough day or a tough season in our lives. Remember that you are not alone and it’s ok to acknowledge that you are struggling and then take care of yourself. Keep your faith and fight to maintain your peace.

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