Self-Confidence is Golden

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I feel like a million bucks! You look like a million bucks!money-163502_1280

How often do we say these things or hear them? And when we do, we do feel like a million bucks! We feel so high on life and whatever current moment we are in, that almost nothing could bring us down.

What we are really expressing is our level of confidence. A person with a strong sense of confidence can supersede just about any negative circumstance or obstacle in their path. Even when we do not feel as confident, or cannot find any piece of it, it is important that we continue to demonstrate that we feel and look like a million bucks! This sets the stage for positive thinking and acting.

Why is this important? Who cares if I have or feel confidence?

Let’s break this down a bit. Because you should care.
trust-1287749_1920We expect the people around us, especially professionals, to exude a sense of confidence in their interactions with us. Doctors, teachers, lawyers, and labor professionals such as engineers or plumbers are expected to know what they are doing and provide suggestions with confidence. If a doctor gave us a prescription for a medication and mentioned that they didn’t really feel confident for positive results, how good would we feel in taking it? We would instead question the medication and the doctor because of the lack of confidence. If a teacher is unsure about the material in their curriculum, and is unable to answer general questions about the subject, this results in an unsure student who will question the knowledge and credentials of the teacher. If a contractor discusses a project for our home but is unsure that they can complete it, we may not feel confident hiring them. Of course, nobody knows everything, and we all make mistakes, but if we at least appear confident in presenting what information we do know, then the information we give and receive from others can help establish mutual trust and build even higher confidence.

Then there are the times where we feel unsure. We do not know how we will perform on a presentation at work, or what advice to give someone, and cannot find the smallest amount of confidence no matter what we do. This is part of life. Although we may try to show our confident and mature side to the public, this is just not always possible. It’s ok, I’ve been there too, and when this happens, I simply make it known that this is where I’m at: a loss of confidence, for the moment. Most of the time, people understand because they have been there too. However, we can’t stay there.

fullsizeoutput_eacConfidence is like a brick of solid gold. When a person walks into a room and they carry themselves with the energy and composure of confidence, it radiates from them, and onto others. They stand up straight, look others in the eyes, speak boldly and with pride, and they pass on a form of trust with their level and presentation of confidence. A solid brick of gold can have the same effect. If a brick of gold were sitting on a table, it would command full attention and presence, right? Suddenly nothing would matter except the brick of gold in front of you. It’s beautiful, has high value, and is in demand. Our personal confidence should be perceived with having the same characteristics. Are you beautiful/handsome, have high value, and people want to be around you? I hope so.

success-1433400_1920Confidence is the key to success. Degrees and titles may help to dress us up a bit, and who you know makes a difference too, but if you lack confidence then these things mean nothing. You can actually have a million dollars in the bank but if you lack confidence on how to use the money wisely, then you will likely mismanage it and possibly be taken advantage of because you feel insecure or unworthy of the money. Being confident is important for our relationships, education, family interactions, careers, and overall personal life satisfaction. We cannot expect to meet our goals and be successful if we stay in our shell and dismiss the importance of confidence. It does nobody any good to walk around with their head hanging low, and unable to live and speak confidently about something in their life that they know to be true. Regardless of your background or life experience, you have something if not many things to be confident about and able to be proud of.

Life may have beaten you up a bit, but this is the reason you should hold your head up high, walk, and speak with confidence: because despite all of your life challenges, you’re still here!

If you’re struggling with self-confidence, you are not alone. Many people are challenged by the very attempt to remain optimistic and confident despite their life experiences and circumstances. There are many reasons in life that can cause us to feel hopeless and filled with personal doubt. If this is where you are, I encourage you to dig deeper to locate the roots of your discouraged feelings and get professional help, if needed. Confidence is the foundation to being able to turn on positive thinking. If you do not feel confident in who you are, that you too can achieve happiness, and that you are much more than the sum total of your circumstances, then positive thinking will likely not work as well for you right now. And my hope is that positive thinking, and realigning negative thinking into optimistic perspectives, is possible for everyone: including you.

encourage-866734_1920Sometimes confidence can improve based on our outer appearance too. Now, I’m not talking about conforming to society’s standards, I am talking about looking and feeling good on the outside and the inside. Just getting dressed and feeling put-together can make or break a day. If you stop caring about what you wear, how you look, and how you take care of yourself, then this will have a negative impact on how you present yourself, how you speak and think about yourself, and how you carry yourself. So, get up everyday and be your best. Buy a new outfit, get a new haircut/color, try some new perfume/cologne, or whatever works to help you feel that you look your best. Then make it a habit, because if you don’t feel like you look good, this will attack your self-confidence in a major way. And remember, do what makes you feel like you look your best, not what social media says, the latest fashion trend suggests, or what other people do.

Always, and proudly, do and be YOU!

You should feel like gold and a million bucks. But you will not feel good about yourself without confidence. I challenge everyone reading this to tap into their emotional reservoir and begin to monitor their level of confidence. If your confidence level is currently low, take steps to determine what’s necessary to increase it. If it’s too high, please come down a few pegs and humble yourself…but that’s a topic for another article. ?

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