Quickly Reboot Your Mind and Emotions

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Our mind could be compared to an intensive computer programing system. Although we are definitely not software systems, the delicate functioning of our mind and emotions require a reboot or reset sometimes.

Picture an overloaded computer, or even your phone. When too much data has clogged up the system, or if some foreign virus has attacked it, our first response is to shut it down and reboot it. When we do this, most of the time we have our system back in functioning mode, with its speed and precision intact.

When we are overwhelmed, frustrated, burned-out, fatigued, physically sick, or just consumed by our daily life and responsibilities, a reboot can help us. Of course, our human reboot is much different from the technical reboot of a computer, but the principle is similar.

Shutting down and taking some time for ourselves can be a start toward a reboot to reenergize us and give us the motivation we need to keep pressing through each day.

An all-out inclusive vacation is not the type of reboot that is always possible. This type of reboot requires some planning, and is not always readily accessible for all of us. Let’s talk about a reboot that may not even cost any money. A reboot that can be used whenever you need it.


Here are some examples of ways to reboot your mind and emotions:

  1. LOCATE YOUR CURRENT SOURCE OF MENTAL INPUT. cable-541064_1920 When we are near mental or emotional overload, we are often caught up in receiving some negative input. This negative source can be people, places, activities, or even our own thinking. Regardless of the source, when you are feeling the stress that comes with an overload of information, try to locate what source is providing too much stimulation. If the people around you are contributing to stress, get away from them for a while (or consider a permanent separation from them if this is a consistent issue), or if the environment you are in produces some anxiety and burnout, begin to assess ways to detach and relax away from there. You may need to create some different strategies, but once you can locate the source of your stress, the reboot is easier to do.
  2. ENGAGE YOUR MIND IN A DIFFERENT ACTIVITY. Our environment says a lot about how we feel and think. If you are in a place where you are unable to process positive thoughts and emotions, then you have to make some changes. Sometimes just a change from our current activity into a new one can do the trick. A quick reboot may mean taking a walk around the block, listening to some calming music, reading a book/magazine, or working on a hobby or project that brings you joy. Change your current focus into something different, and your mind will follow.
  3. GET SOME SLEEP. imagesSleep may seem like a no-brainer, but when we are exhausted and on overload, we tend to ignore the true benefits of a good night’s sleep. Often, one main cause for overload is simply lack of sleep. We stay on GO mode most of our days and this continues into our night as it is challenging to calm our minds and sleep. Maybe a short nap will help you. Either way, figure out if you have been getting enough sleep recently, and if you haven’t then working on catching up on your dreams may be the reboot that you require.
  4. PARTICIPATE IN PHYSICAL EXERCISE. Our bodies need physical activity. While we are always on the move, we still have to be conscious of the actual physical activity we participate in. You may be feeling like you are on overload because your body is screaming for some healthy endorphins, which surface when we exercise. There are many creative ways to get your exercise in too, just start and watch how you will feel more energized, your thoughts are lighter and sharper, and you will physically feel the reboot you desire.
  5. CLEAN/ORGANIZE YOUR SPACE. We all have something that we can clean up or organize. When we begin to clean things up around us, this has a positive effect on our brain. Yes, at first we fight it and would rather be doing anything else but cleaning, but as we get into it and see the progress, we feel better and our emotional and mental well-being is improved as well. This could be your desk at work, a closet at home, or even mopping the floor. Something as simple as cleaning up your surroundings can be a great reboot.


I am sure that you can think of some other ways to reboot and rejuvenate your mind and emotions. As long as they are positive, stick with them. We all need to recalibrate at some time or another, and there is nothing wrong with that.





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