Open the Window

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When the air seems stale, we open a window to catch some natural air and to release the affected air.

Spring, Fall, and cooler summer nights allow us opportunities to air out our home. We can feel the cool breeze move through the house, and we can also feel the calming energy of new air being exposed to our dry environment. There is a feeling of renewal and cleansing that happens when we open the windows.

Let’s imagine that we are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or worried. This is the stale air we feel in a closed up place. The dry air where we feel like we cannot breathe and desperately need fresh air. Our mind is giving us an indicator to open the windows. To stop thinking about these negative thoughts so that our emotional state can change.

We need to open the windows of our minds and thoughts so that we can experience a renewal and cleansing.

There are many ways to open these mental windows:


  • Change your current scenery. Physically move from the environment you are in when you feel overwhelmed and stressed. Taking a walk or running some errands, even just sitting outside in the sun can help us shift out of the negative mental state we are in, and into a more positive line of thought.
  • Call someone who can support you and help you sort through your thoughts. This is a trusted person who will help you to stop the spiral without engaging in a way to keep you stuck there. Everyone cannot do this, but we all should know at least one person who can help pull us up when we are down. Give them a call or even meet with them.
  • Physically open up windows. If you’re at home, open the windows and take time to smell and feel the new air. Listen to the sounds outside. Take deep breaths. Calming our mind and body can make a significant difference on our current state of mind.
  • Write down your stressful thoughts. Writing in a journal can be an excellent way to temper our emotions and regain some peace. If you aren’t into writing, you can also quickly write down your negative thoughts on a piece of paper, then crumple it up and throw it away. Sometimes the physical activity of casting out our negative thoughts can provide great results.

While opening a window may sound so simple, it is the act of changing the conditions of our environment and our mind that is significant. The analogy here is all about change and the improvement possible because of making a change. The air that flows in from an open window is like the peace we feel when we release negative thinking and allow positive thoughts and energy to flow through us. Becoming aware of the presence of the stale air (negative thinking) is the beginning of the awareness we need to begin to understand when to open the window (change our thinking) and allow fresh air to positively impact our well-being.

spring-938593_1280The concept of opening the window can be replaced with any rejuvenating activity you can relate to. Maybe it’s cleaning your home, exercising, resting, talking things out, etc. Any healthy activity that provides this necessary fresh air and the opportunity to change your current behavior and state of mind, you can apply this same activity to the active changing of your thoughts.

We tend to complicate this process. But our thoughts can be tamed and we can regain our peace and well-being. Instead we tend to believe that whatever we are thinking about at the moment, that we have to entertain for as long as it remains. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our negative thoughts are similar to a guest in our home who we want to leave. We escort them to the door, and then, they are gone. Are there some negative thought and processing “residuals” left after they leave? Sure, but we most likely do not keep thinking about the rude houseguest constantly for the rest of the week. No, we process it and then we let it go and move on. It does not have to be so complex.

To successfully live our life, it is important to begin to identify ways to combat stress and negativity.

If we think this will just magically happen, we are wrong. This is a critical part of our life that requires active awareness, consistent attention, and effort. We have to be intentional about maintaining our peace and to do our best to interrupt the negative thoughts that would lead to destructive behaviors. This is an ongoing activity: by the minute, hour, day, week, month, year, and our entire life!

qualities-954789_1920Try to start picturing your feelings of frustration, anger, and discouragement as the stale air in a room. Then try to picture releasing these emotions into the air as you open a window and allow new, fresh air to occupy your environment and mind. After you can picture this, then do it! Open the window and begin to imagine the negativity disappear, with fresh, positive thinking to replace it.

Go ahead, open up a window.


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