Fear of Failure

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Failure is part of living, part of our existence, and is proof that we have experienced some challenges in our lives. Unfortunately, many of us shy away from trying new things or setting new goals because we become afraid of failure. We do not want to feel rejected, or unsuccessful. But, we have to accept that this is part of life, of living, and change our thoughts to a brighter outlook.


Everyone reading this could share stories about failure. Surprising and predictable failures, unreasonable failures, intentional failures, and of course those failures out of our control, based on circumstances we never anticipated. In this life we are guaranteed to try, and fail at some things, and it seldom feels good.

What about your success story? Your trophy case? As we could all list our failures and disappointments, we should just as readily list our accomplishments and success. Our thoughts will process information based on the source of input, so if you are over thinking about all the failure in your life, you will not be able to see the times you did not fail. You will miss the opportunity to encourage yourself by recalling your wins. And then you will feel horrible, like there is no purpose in even trying. You now have (often unintentionally) provided a source of negativity for your thoughts to process, and the result is even more pessimistic thinking and a defeated mindset, a snowball effect. This is where we get into trouble.

Since nobody will get through life unscathed, let’s consider the way we are perceiving our experiences. If you view every opportunity as a closed-door, one that will never open for you regardless of your efforts, then this is very likely the result you will receive. Instead, if you view every opportunity as another chance to succeed and reach your goals, even if the outcome is less desirable, you can walk away with your head held high and move on to the next opportunity. Taking this approach may even lessen your use of the word failure as then nothing you endure would be perceived as failure, only as experiences and lessons to help you along the way. Work to remove this word from your vocabulary. Failure doesn’t exist, but challenges persist. Change failure to challenge. Sounds and feels better, right? 

imagesThis glass can be seen as half full or half empty, right? How often have we heard these words? Do we really know what this means? This is all about perception, and the way we internalize opportunities in our lives, and our experiences. We can either perceive them as positive experiences with something to be gained (glass is half full), or we can see them as guaranteed failures and negative experiences (glass is half empty). It is always our choice to perceive life in a positive or negative view.

Regardless of what you are currently facing: looking for employment, family troubles, creating new goals, or just considering doing something new and taking a risk, begin to perceive the event as an opportunity to succeed, even if the outcome is not all that you hoped for. Even our setbacks or challenges provide us with information for our next season of life. Since we are guaranteed to face disappointment, why not face it with a positive outlook?

Are your thoughts half-full or half empty?

Can you remove the word failure from your vocabulary? 

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