Everyday Is An Opportunity

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We are often waiting for the perfect time to do something, change something, or include someone. It’s as if we do not realize that everyday we wake up, is an opportunity to begin moving toward the things and people we want in our lives. Instead, we live in the past, the yesterdays, where we mistakenly believe that time has eluded us and left us without any options, or most importantly, stolen our motivation and hope.

We need to change this perspective and connect with the reality that everyday is truly an opportunity to make changes in our lives, big and small. When we start to think on these terms, anything becomes possible and we begin to become excellent managers of our time and resources.

Have you ever had one of those days, or even weeks, where you feel like you haven’t been productive? You feel like you wasted time doing nothing, or even wasted time with the wrong people, or lost time due to poor decisions? I’m sure you can answer yes, as most of us can. This is just part of life, the challenge to outsmart time itself, and when we fail at using our time in the best ways possible, we quickly realize that time has the upper hand.

Then here comes the guilt, the overwhelming feelings that result from our loss of time. Suddenly we realize that we are getting older, and our bucket list is growing bigger. Our families are changing, our relationships are not static, and our list of life goals appear impossible to achieve. Time is moving so fast now.

But, wait! Let’s not spiral down the negative time lane! Let’s look at some positive aspects of time passed, along with anticipation for time to be gained:

  • EVERYDAY may be an opportunity to be a better version of yourself, even better than yesterday. As long as we are living, we are guaranteed to make mistakes. We are imperfect beings, but this doesn’t mean that we must settle for mediocrity. Everyday that we have can be a fresh start, if we want it to be. We can become better each day, take better care of ourselves, act and think in more positive ways, and love those around us even more. Although our yesterday was less than desired, this does not mean that we are confined to the previous version of ourselves. Strive to become an even better version of yourself every single day. Begin by doing some personal assessment to identify areas you wish to improve, then start with some small daily goals and watch the progress unfold. Yes, this requires diligence and discipline, but when you are determined to change, you can do it!
  • EVERYDAY is a new start to live your life as you desire. Most of us have long-term goals and dreams. We have things we want to accomplish in this lifetime, and while some of these things become reality, others are not so easy to obtain. Sometimes we simply quit, giving up on our initial dreams. Other times, we have been so busy with living life that we have forgotten about our personal goals. If this is you, take a moment to revisit your aspirations, making some edits and changes if you need to. Everyday can be a new start to succeed in anything we desire! Yes, success often takes time and is not an overnight process, but each day can be a stepping stone to completion! So, stop saying that you don’t have enough time, or are too old, or just cannot accomplish your goals, and get started!
  • EVERYDAY can be a form of renewal and hopeful expectation. Life is not always about us. There are going to be seasons of our life where living is just hard, period. We will experience unfortunate events, lose loved ones, and endure unexpected circumstances. But, I remind you, that even though we will endure negative experiences, this doesn’t give us permission to live a negative and defeated life. Each day that we are alive can be a time for renewing ourselves and getting a grip on our challenges and ways to overcome our barriers. It is important to move forward despite our setbacks and disappointments, because we literally have no choice. The world keeps turning and stops for nothing, not even our worst problems. As difficult as it may be at times, we have to dig deep and locate our inner motivation and strength to persevere. Remain hopeful and expect positive things to happen in your life, and this attitude will help you to press through the seasons that may be overwhelming.

If we live our lives on autopilot, we will end up with regrets about how we used our time. We have to live our lives with purpose and intention, making each day, hour, and minute count as much as we can.

As we mature, we should begin to identify ways we waste time. We should also be able to create strategies to avoid this pattern for the future. While the occasional day will come when we do not accomplish much, these should be infrequent.

Use each day to do something new, be someone better, and live in more positive and healthy ways. Let everyday be an opportunity!




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