Every Thought is NOT Our Own

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While it may be logical to think that whatever thought comes into our head, are thoughts that we must entertain, this is false. Our thoughts are often random, with little ration or reason behind them. Have you ever wondered how you began even thinking of a certain thought? When did you become frustrated or angry? Why are you even thinking about someone or something that brings you down?

Often, we wonder about these questions, and cannot find an answer. This is because our thoughts do not always belong to us. They might originate because of lack of sleep, something we read or watched, a piece of a conversation we just finished, the weather, if we are sick, what we ate….and the list could go on. When we realize that we do NOT have to entertain any particular thought, pay attention to it, or give it our time, this should be liberating.

We are not held captive by our thoughts, and in fact, we have power and authority over them! So when that negative thought pops into your mind again (because it will) practice releasing it by thinking of something positive. Change those random thoughts into purposeful thoughts.

Negative thinking is just like any other bad habit that we might have, but with regular redirection of our mind, we can break the current habit and create a new one. And do not be afraid of seeking help with breaking this habit! It will be worth it!

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