Don’t Hold Back On Your Fight For Peace

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If you are waiting for everything in your life to be easy or stress-free, stop waiting. It is time to get real about life by being realistic about your expectations. Shift your expectations and start focusing on your current perception of your life, then you can experience more inner peace, even when things are not going your way or peace seems impossible.

Guess what? Even those people who appear to have stress-free, perfect lives, do not. Nobody is immune from life’s trials and tribulations, and this is guaranteed. Yes, life is unfair in many ways and everyone is dealt a different “life challenges” deck of cards, some more difficult to navigate and overcome than others.

Does this unfairness in life mean that we just stop fighting for our inner peace? 



Fighting for peace is a daily challenge. There are so many reasons to just quit and give in to life’s circumstances and difficulties. Many days you might feel like peace is just impossible, and not even worth the hassle. But it is.

Peace is possible even in the middle of chaos. You can be in the middle of one of your most debilitating challenges, and still practice the art of being calm and patient. Having peace does not mean that you are not under some stress, it means that you are not going to live your life according to the stress or challenge. Peace is about making up your mind to enjoy the moments of life, even if they are hard, instead of wishing for a stress and conflict-free life.

Expecting that you can only have peace and happiness when your life is perfect, is completely unrealistic. In fact it is so unrealistic that many people end up devaluing all of the good aspects of their life in favor of the imaginary stress-free existence. These people walk around miserable everyday, because their perception is flawed.

Peace and happiness are not contingent on our circumstances. 

When two people are asked to recount an event, they are most likely to have different reports. Some of the basic facts might be similar, but the details will vary. Why? They each have unique perceptions of the experience. This is also the reasoning for the peace that some people are able to maintain during the toughest seasons of their lives, while other people are under constant duress because they are waiting for life to be perfect. It is all about perception.

The individual who is able to demonstrate peace during their challenge understands that this is all part of life and it does them no good to ruin their attitudes or daily experiences as they work to get through the challenge. They simply do what they can, and activate patience for what is outside of their control. Their perception is: I will fight for my peace no matter what I must endure.

In contrast, the individual who demonstrates constant frustration, anger, anxiety, etc., during their challenge is connecting their circumstances directly to their attitude and thoughts. They mistakenly believe they must live their life and manage their peace according to each particular circumstance they encounter. They do not believe that they can be at peace or even be happy while life is hard and use all mental and physical efforts to try to control the situation. Their perception is: I will not fight for my peace when it doesn’t make sense, instead I will only experience peace when my circumstances are perfect.

The first person experiences a much more joyful life, while the second person is only peaceful during the very few seasons of their life when things appear perfect. 

Now don’t be fooled, the person who demonstrates peace while facing challenges is still fighting for it. Peace is not always easy to maintain. They have made up their mind that having a peaceful life and existence is more valuable to them than being stressed out all the time. They have accepted that life will bring challenges and unfortunate circumstances, but they will choose to focus on the good aspects of their lives above those circumstances. They have dismissed the false expectation that life must be completely stress-free before they can enjoy it.

You have to put on some boxing gloves and fight like you are in a boxing ring, with life as your opponent. Even though you might get knocked down or even knocked out, you can activate your stamina and get back up. You might stagger and feel like you are barely holding up, but you can get up off of the floor.

The fight for peace is not an easy one, but it is a necessary fight if you want to maximize your time and life on this earth. 



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