De-Clutter Your Mind!

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Clutter is part of our daily existence. We never seem to find enough time to keep every area of our environment (home, work, car, school, etc.) spotless. Things pile up, and they can get messy if we do not stay on top of our chores. I know I am guilty of a messy garage or storage area, closet or drawer, or even my office. Sometimes we are so caught up dealing with other areas or issues in our lives that we are unable to remain disciplined with our stuff, and it becomes the dreaded….clutter!


After a brief conversation with a friend today, who talked about the recent organization of a room in her home, I thought about the connection to clutter and our thoughts. She shared with me how much better she felt at home with the room cleaned out and organized, even newly decorated a bit, and the peace she forgot she had before it became cluttered. The space is now her own again, and this had an immediate impact on her attitude and well-being while at home.

This entire five-minute conversation stayed with me, as I have been in her shoes. I recently cleaned out my clothes closet, and the amount of stuff I did not need anymore was ridiculous. But the feeling of eliminating the clutter from my home and life, while organizing my clothing by style and season, brought such peace to my life. Getting dressed in the morning is even easier and refreshing, as I can find what I am looking for with ease. This may be a small thing in comparison to other challenges happening in our life, but it is still a positive action that we can use as a springboard for our thinking.

Can you see where I am going with this? Our minds may need some de-cluttering, along with our homes. Could some of your negative thinking or outlook be the result of a messy home? Do you need to do some serious spring cleaning? Imagine how much free-thought, light-attitude, and freedom from frustrating emotions that you might experience if you get your house in order, or your car, your desk, or any space you frequently use. There is a strong connection to our environment, emotions, and thoughts. So, a messy environment may trigger a messy mind, at least in regard to your thoughts.

Consider negative “thinking” to be similar to a messy room. You are tired of the stuff lying around, so you start getting the trash bagged up, the clothes folded up, wipe down and disinfect items in the room, and maybe even move furniture around or redecorate altogether. Now compare this image to your thoughts: you are tired of negative thinking, so you begin to identify the negativity in your life and bag it up, you start to set goals and organize your days, then you look at prioritizing your days (including the people you associate with), and for those really tough seasons of life, you overhaul some big portions of your life in order to reconnect your positive thinking to your experiences. Interesting connection, isn’t it?

Sometimes our negative thinking and outlook is the result of the clutter in our lives. Of course, sometimes it is much deeper than that. Either way, I encourage you to identify some areas and environments around you–including your thoughts–that may need to be de-cluttered. Take it one step at a time, and start cleaning some things up. Then do some self-reflection and see if the removal of clutter has had any impact on you. If it has, then keep going. There is no shortage of opportunities for organizing, prioritizing, elimination, and revision in our lives. We just have to be real about it and jump right in for the de-cluttering process.

Happy De-Cluttering everyone!

If you have had experience with de-cluttering things (or thoughts) in your life, I would be interested to hear them. Please leave a comment and let me know if you have any stories or questions!

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